Wyman Institute and Smithsonian Collaborate on History Projects

As part of a new collaborative relationship, Wyman Institute director Rafael Medoff was recently invited to take part in an event at the Smithsonian Institution commemorating the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s order authorizing the mass internment of Japanese-Americans.
Dr. Medoff also spoke as part of a Smithsonian panel at the annual conference of the American Alliance of Museums, held at the America’s Center convention complex, in St. Louis. The panel was called “TransformiveEd: Exploring Difficult Subjects through Comics”; Dr. Medoff discussed the Wyman Institute’s use of comics, cartoons and animation to teach about the Holocaust.
The panel also included Evan Keeling of the Smithsonian, artists Liz Laribee and Jason Rodriguez, and Jenny Robb, director of theBilly Ireland Comic Library and Museum at Ohio State University, which is the largest comic library in the world.
Smithsonian Institution exhibition creator Evan Keeling and Wyman Institute director Rafael Medoff at the Smithsonian’s recent event remembering FDR’s order to intern Japanese-Americans.





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