The Bergson Group, A Flag is Born

Part 7) of The Bergson Group, A History in Photographs

To help rally American support for creation of a Jewish state, Ben Hecht in 1946 authored a play called A Flag is Born.It featured Yiddish theater stars Paul Muni and Celia Adler, and young Marlon Brando in one of his first performances. After a ten week run on Broadway, the Bergson Group took the play to Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and other cities. In Baltimore, the Bergson Group teamed up with the local NAACP and used A Flag is Born to bring about the desegregation of the Maryland Theater.

Opening night: September 5, 1946, at the Alvin Theater on Broadway.
Ben Hecht presents a copy of the script to Sen. Guy Gillette.
Paul Muni (L) and Ben Hecht (R) present a copy of the script to New York City Mayor William O’Dwyer.
L to R: David, played by Marlon Brando; Zelda, played by Celia Adler, and Tevya, played by Paul Muni.
Tevya, played by Paul Muni.
Tevya (Paul Muni) addresses the Council of the Mighty.

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