Update on Recent Developments

Wyman Institute Update: July 24, 2003


    1. We are pleased to inform you that the Hon. Adam Schiff, U.S. Representative from California, has joined the Advisory Committee of the Wyman Institute.

    2. Advisory Committee member Serge Klarsfeld was the subject of a recent article in the Jerusalem Post, concerning the refusal of the Hungarian government to provide lists of the Hungarian Jews deported to Auschwitz in 1944.

    3. A new wing of the Haifa Technion, the “Carl Alpert Employee Center,” was dedicated recently. It is named after Carl Alpert, the veteran journalist and educator, who is also a member of the Wyman Institute Advisory Committee.

    4. Academic Council member Dr. Efraim Zuroff (Simon Wiesenthal Center, Israel) reviewed the book ‘The Anti-Semitic Moment: A Tour of France in 1898’ in the Jerusalem Post on July 9.

    5. An article by Institute director Dr. Rafael Medoff, concerning the recent revelations about antisemitic statements in the diary of President Harry Truman, was published in the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, the Chicago Jewish News, the Detroit Jewish News, the Connecticut Jewish Ledger, and the New Jersey Jewish State. A letter by Dr. Medoff on the same subject was published in the Washington Post on July 24.

    6. Reminder: On Sunday, July 27, 2003, the Wyman Institute will host the premier public showing of “They Looked Away,” a powerful film documentary concerning the Allies’ refusal to bomb Auschwitz. The film is narrated by Mike Wallace, and includes exclusive interviews with Allied pilots who flew missions in the vicinity of Auschwitz in 1944.The event will take place at 4:30 pm in the auditorium of Gratz College, 7605 Old York Road, Melrose Park, PA (near Philadelphia). For more information, call 215-837-9961.

      “They Looked Away” was written and directed by Stuart Erdheim and its executive co-producer is Professor Paul Miller.

      Prof. Miller, who teaches history at McDaniel College and is a member of the Wyman Institute’s Academic Council, will be on hand for the July 27 showing. Following the screening of the film, he will speak about the film and the issue of bombing the death camps.