57 Batman Creators: Free Young Fan Held in Gaza

The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies



April 14, 2024

Hon. Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad Al-Thani
Embassy of Qatar
Washington, D.C.

Hon. Motaz Zahran
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt
Washington, D.C.

Dear Ambassadors Al-Thani and Zahran,

As members of the community of Batman writers, artists and editors, we are contacting you concerning the young Batman fan who was taken hostage by terrorists and has been held in Gaza since last October 7.

Ariel Bibas, age 4, and his brother Kfir, now age 1, were taken hostage by Hamas, along with their parents, Yarden and Shiri Bibas. Ariel’s maternal grandparents were murdered in the same attack.

Moved by the many anecdotes of Ariel’s affection for the iconic character who has become a symbol of hope and justice for so many, we implore your governments to exercise all possible leverage on Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad to immediately release the Bibas family, and all the Israeli hostages, from captivity.


Charlie Adlard
Artist, Batman/Scarface; Harley Quinn; Batman Arkham

Sal Amendola
Artist / Writer, Batman; Detective Comics; World’s Finest

Mark Bagley
Artist, Batman; Batman: Long Shadows; Justice League of America

Hilary Barta
Inker, Elseworlds Finest; Batman: Gothic Knights; Detective Comics

John Beatty
Artist, Batman; Detective Comics; Justice League of America

Scott Beatty
Writer, Batman: Gotham Knights; Batgirl: Year One; The Batman Handbook

Terry Beatty
Artist, Batman: Gotham Adventures; Batman Beyond; Batman Strikes

Deron Bennett
Letterer, Batman: Arkham; Detective Comics; Harley Quinn

Simon Bowland
Letterer, The Bat-Man: First Knight; Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Matthew Brake, M.Div., M.A.
Co-editor, Batman & Theology

Reilly Brown
Artist, Batman/Fortnite; The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox

Mike Carlin
Writer, Batman Black & White; Editor Batman Confidential 

Amanda Conner
Writer/Artist, Harley Quinn; Batman; JSA Classified

Denys Cowan
Artist, Batman: Gotham Knights, Detective Comics, Batman Confidential

Alan Davis
Artist, Batman and the Outsiders; Detective Comics

Chuck Dixon
Writer, Detective Comics; Robin; Vengeance of Bane

Steve Englehart
Writer, Batman; Detective Comics; Legends of the Dark Knight 

Andrew Farago
Author, Batman: The Definitive History

Sholly Fisch
Writer, Batman’s Mystery Casebook; The Brave and the Bold 

Frank Fosco
Artist, Batman – Contagion; Robin 

Kami Garcia
Writer, Joker/Harley; Teen Titans: Robin

Noelle C. Giddings
Artist / Colorist, Batman: Blind Justice; Gotham Central; Bane of the Demon

Jordan B. Gorfinkel
Longtime editor of the Batman comics franchise

Mike Grell
Artist / Writer, Batman: Masque

Matt Harding
Writer, Batman: The Brave and the Bold

James Harvey
Artist, Batgirl; We Are Robin

Mike Henderson
Artist, Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Klaus Janson
Artist, Batman: Gordon’s Law; Detective Comics; Batman: Death and the Maidens

Dan Jurgens
Writer, The Bat-Man: First Knight; Batman Beyond

Lovern Kindzierski
Artist / Colorist, Batman: Legends of the Dark Night; Batman: Sword of Azrael

Tim Levins
Artist, Batman: Gotham Adventures; Justice League

Paul Levitz
Former Batman writer, editor and publisher

Shane McCarthy
Writer, Batman Arkham; Batman Legends of the Dark Knight; Detective Comics

Shawn McManus
Artist, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight; Detective Comics

Scott McRae
Artist, Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Dr. Rafael Medoff
Contributor, Theology and Batman
Director, The David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies

Yehudi Mercado
Writer / Artist, Batman: Arkham Asylum

Dan Mora
Artist, Superman/Batman; Joker; Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Dean Motter
Batman: Nine Lives; Batman: Gotham Knights

Ann Nocenti
Writer, Batman; Catwoman; Joker

George Pratt
Writer / Artist, Batman: Harvest Breed

Tom Richmond
Artist, Batman/Superman; Detective Comics

Prentis Rollins
Artist, Batman: Ultimate Evil; Robin; JLA Incarnations

John Rozum
Writer, Detective Comics

Greg Ruth
Artist, The Riddler

Arlen Schumer
Batman historian

Sander Schwartz
Former President, Warner Animation

Stephen B. Scott
Artist, Batman; Batman Confidential; Batman: Eye of the Beholder

Declan Shalvey
Artist, All-Star Batman; Batman Incorporated; Nightwing

Hayden Sherman
Artist, Batman: The Adventures Continue; Batman: Urban Legends; Harley Quinn

Howard M. Shum
Artist, Joker/Mask

Saida Temofonte
Artist / Letterer, Batman: Urban Legends; Batman: Scooby-Doo Mysteries

J. Torres
Writer, Batman: Knightwatch; Batman Motion Comics on YouTube

Darren Vincenzo
Editor, Detective Comics; Batman: Gotham Adventures

Mark Waid
Writer, World’s Finest; Kingdom Come; The Brave and the Bold

Thomas Yeates
Artist, Detective Comics

Chip Zdarsky
Writer, Batman; Batman/Catwoman; Batman: The Knight